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About the Company

Company Profile

Sensetence offers customized software solutions for your challenges. Freely following the motto “our instruments, your solution”, we find the right tone in IT project development. Since our foundation in 2018, we have been growing steadily and recording continuous profits. Based in Augsburg, we are at home in the world and accompany you both directly on site and remotely in the areas of web applications, desktop software, in the further development of existing software or in entirely new projects.

We burn for software development and accompany with heart blood each step on the way to success. Our goal is to deliver goal-oriented and easy-to-maintain solutions, while always keeping your requirements and efforts in mind. If you choose us, you choose reliability and commitment. Our team consists of excellent industry experts who solve problems with enthusiasm and an eye for the big picture. You can see details about our team and individual skills on the team page.

We rely on agile approaches to be able to react flexibly to changes in the course of projects and to always serve our customers in the best possible way. Remote work is standard for us, which allows us to work efficiently and seamlessly with our clients regardless of location.

Our customers are always very satisfied with our services, which is reflected in long-term project durations. These typically span several years, and the workload can vary – sometimes it’s just a few hours per month, while other phases require more work. This flexible approach allows us to optimally adapt to the individual needs of our clients and bring their projects to a successful conclusion.

Our skillset with sound basic knowledge is rounded off by profound knowledge of common vulnerabilities in web applications and how to avoid them, as well as flexible project management based on years of experience.

Our Services at a Glance

Special Industry Knowledge

  • Investor relations
  • Corporate finance
  • Event organisation
  • Automotive: Collecting and processing diagnostic data

You can rely on us

  • Goal-oriented and efficient way of working
  • Reliable, binding, on schedule
  • Maintenance-friendly software that works
  • Immediate appointments without lead time
  • Communication in German and English