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Implementation of Your Projects

Customized Software Solutions for Your Success

Customized software solutions are the key to optimizing business processes and increasing competitiveness. As your experienced partner in software development, we accompany you in all your projects. Whether new development, improvement, support or implementation of your customized software – we offer you individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Our projects are characterized by on-time completion, budget adherence and highest quality. Many of the software solutions we develop are used for years and are continuously extended to meet the changing requirements of our clients.

To ensure the highest quality, we rely on code reviews and automated testing at various levels, such as unit tests, API tests or end-to-end tests. In this way, we ensure that freedom from errors and performance meet the specifications of our clients.

New Project Development

We flexibly adapt to the requirements of each project. For projects with clearly defined requirements and few or no unknowns, we can estimate everything upfront and work based on that quote. For more extensive projects with greater unknowns, we prefer an agile approach with regular increments, frequent rounds of feedback and strong involvement of our clients.

Accordingly, our proposed pricing model differs based on the requirements and scope of the project. For projects with a defined scope and clear approach without risks, fixed prices are possible. For projects with larger unknowns or an agile approach with frequent increments, billing is based on “time and material”, i.e. hours worked. We are happy to work within a predefined budget to ensure that we are working within your financial means.

Further Development of Existing Software

We also support you in the further development of existing software and quickly find our way around existing code. We can extend, optimize or modernize the code – for example by integrating new versions of dependencies or frameworks.

Involvement of External Experts

In consultation with our clients, we occasionally use external experts. This allows us to reduce project costs, as these experts often have specialized know-how and thus contribute efficiently to an optimal solution. Our contacts, coordination and acceptance thus result in a package that is ideal for our clients.

Requirements Management and Collaboration

Because we are proficient in the entire development process, including requirements management, we work with you to develop the appropriate concept. This can serve as a basis for estimating the required budget or as a backlog for an agile software project. In addition, we can integrate and manage external partners to save costs or development time and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

Innovative Technologies and Current Trends

We rely on modern technologies and always keep up-to-date to provide our clients with innovative solutions. In doing so, we also rely on current trends such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and, when appropriate, microservices to meet our clients’ requirements and develop future-proof software solutions.

Our Tech Stack

At Sensetence, we rely on proven and modern technologies to develop the best solutions for our customers. Our versatile tech stack enables us to implement a wide variety of projects efficiently and effectively. At the same time, we are always ready to quickly learn new technologies in order to provide the greatest possible value to our customers.

This tech stack allows us to tackle projects in different areas such as web, desktop and app development. Our focus is on web technologies like PHP, Symfony, Vue.js and Bootstrap to develop powerful and user-friendly applications.

We use Agile methodologies and tools such as Jira or Trello to organize the development process and ensure that our clients are always kept up to date. In doing so, we flexibly adapt to the individual requirements of each project.

Our openness to new technologies and our continuous learning process ensure that we always stay up to date and can successfully implement your project with the optimal solution.

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