Digital Pandemic Challanges

Once we had switched our daily work to home office at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and built the necessary infrastructure (see Going Remote), we have been able to face the work-related challenges of this difficult time. Because not only the work locations and the accompanying circumstances have changed, the order situation has also adapted to the pandemic.

CRM – not sufficient anymore

Customer orders that mainly focused on classic highly individually customized CRM systems including meeting planning (see Meeting Scheduling with a genetic algorithm) are still present. However, in the wake of the inevitably rapid expansion of digitalization, extensive new projects have become required. Many processes and systems that have been well-established for decades no longer work as usual in a global pandemic and / or have to be adapted.

Integration of Zoom meetings

For example, meetings between companies and investors cannot currently take place face-to-face or during physical conferences. Everything has to be done digitally now. In this context, we began to use the interfaces provided by Zoom to plan, share and record meetings. This enables our customers to continue planning their meetings using the familiar CRM functions and to keep the meeting density high.

Digital presentations

Just like individual meetings, company presentations can currently only take place digitally. We have developed a complex web-based application for this functionality. Companies can upload their presentation, invite participants and present the presentation live. The participants can attend in real time via a web browser. The video and audio broadcasting is implemented via an integrated Zoom meeting. There are also features such as Q&A or statistical overviews of participant behavior.

Video processing

In addition to the live presentations, our application also offers the complete recording of the presentation. This includes the slides as well as audio and video. Both channels are recorded independently and combined in a complex process. The resulting recording can then be shared or downloaded via a webcast link.

Challenges mastered

We have generated and used a lot of know-how to adapt software to the requirements of a digital world. Dealing with video conference systems and processing the recordings were new to us. We are therefore very proud to be able to fully meet the wishes of our customers continuously, especially during this challenging time.